Social Batting

Social Batting

In our Batting Lanes you’ll have a choice upon arrival to play Cricket, Baseball, Tennis or Lacrosse. You can play one, two, three or all four, in one lane!

The best part? You’ll have the flexibility to swap sports whenever you like during your session. If you do play multiple, your scores carry over from one to the next meaning you’ll be able to challenge your friends to the highest score across them all!



Curious about the world of ‘Social Cricket’? Let us introduce you to a whole new ball game! 

Savour the excitement, drama, and passion of the game in a whole new light. We’ve shaken up traditional cricket with state of the art technology, LED targets, leaderboards, multi player batting and more. 

Expert or beginner, we guarantee you’ll have a blast! And don’t forget to enjoy our top notch hospitality at the same time. 

No protective equipment or padding required!


Catch Social Tennis Fever in our world-class tennis simulator! Whether you’re a tennis fanatic or just looking for a unique way to stay active, our simulator has you covered. We offer games suitable for players of all ages and abilities. Get ready to return serves and ace your way to a great time. This is an opportunity to embrace your passion for sport, meet new friends, and elevate your game in a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.


Ready to perform some Home Run Heroics? Join us for an experience filled with the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and the thrill of the game. Get ready to hit it out of the park with our baseball simulator! Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your skills, challenge your friends to a friendly competition, or simply relive the excitement of your favourite sport, we’ve got you covered. Come join us and experience the magic of baseball like never before.


Welcome to SportsPlus Lacrosse, where the ancient game meets modern excitement! Our Lacrosse experience is designed to introduce players of all ages to the exhilarating world of this sport. You’ll attempt to wield the lacrosse stick with precision, make pinpoint passes, and experience the thrill of scoring goals. Join us to discover the essence of this dynamic game!
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Join the


Join the ultimate sporting challenge at SportsPlus. Our Multi-Sport Leagues are an immersive experience where you can compete in Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, and Lacrosse using our state-of-the-art simulators. These leagues run for 4 weeks, allowing you to accumulate scores across all sports. Form a team, or join one, and aim for the top spot. At the end of the league, we'll crown the all rounder champions!

Why Choose Multi-Sport Leagues with Us?

Join today to elevate your love for sports and become a multi-sport champion. Contact us for more information.